Holy One of Israel, Messiah, the Way, the Truth and the Life
The Resurrection and the Life
Prince of Peace, Messenger of the Covenant,
Seed of Abraham
Lilly of the valley, Rose of Sharon
Light of the world, Chief Corner Stone
Lamb of God, Captain of the Lord’s host
Prophet among us
Immanuel, Desire of all nations, Lord of hosts
Lord of the Sabbath, Everlasting Father
Lion of the tribe of Judah
Bread of Heaven, King of Kings, Son of David, Mighty God!
How majestic is Your name in all the earth!
Your fame in all the earth!

You walked on water
You raised Jairus’ daughter
Turned water into wine
Raised a widow’s son to life
You claimed power over nature
Turned a prostitute into a woman of virtue
You calmed the storm at sea
You were triumphant over every disease
In You the Father is well pleased
You healed lepers, the blind, the deaf, the dumb, the lame
You raised Lazarus from the grave
You fed more than five thousand
You conquered death through your own resurrection
Prince of Peace, Rock of Ages, Hope of the Race, Eternal Father!
How majestic is Your name in all the earth!
Your fame in all the earth!

Master of the elements, Rock of salvation, Wonderful Counselor
Alpha and Omega
Consolation of Israel, Word of God
The First and the Last, Author and Finisher of our Faith
Holy One of God
Strong Deliverer, Shepherd of the Sheep
Christ our Passover Lamb
The great I Am
The Word made flesh, Supreme Lawgiver
Supreme Provider
Lord of Lords, Elect of God, Creator and Sustainer
Son of God, Son of man, Our Great High Priest, God of gods!
How majestic is your name in all the earth!
Your fame in all the earth!

You became one of us
Healed the ear of Malchus
As they arrested You in Gethsamane
You were forgiving of your enemies
Son of man You were God on a mission
Casting out demons who claimed to be lesions
You spoke healing to the sick
Healed the lunatic and the paralytic
Healed the woman with the issue of blood
My Lord and my God
It was You who parted the Red Sea
And spoke this world into being
You gave the Ten Commandments
Manna to Your people in the wilderness 
You were the Cloud by day and Fire by night
In you we find everlasting life
Because of Your sacrifice
Redeemer and Savior
We will live to praise You forever!
Root and offspring of David, Michael the Archangel, Faithful and True
Bright and Morning Star, the One who lives for evermore
High Priest after of the order of Melchisedec, Water of life, Balm in Gilead!
How majestic is your name in all the earth!
Your fame in all the earth!

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There's the woman the whole town has been taking about!
Act like you don't see her
She's coming this way
Let's turn and walk away
No, wait!
Some men are dragging her
What has she been up to now?
She's nothing but trouble
Trouble on the double
Where are they taking her?
Adulteress! I heard one say
Does she even have a name?
I've never heard anyone called her by her name
They dragged her to the Wise Judge
This woman has been caught in the very act of immorality
Take a guess, look at her!
She was committing adultery
By herself? I wondered
It takes two to tango
Does it not?
She stood there cowering,
As one of them shouted,
What shall we do with her?
A woman like her deserves to die!
Our law demands we stone her
Stone her, should we not?
The Wise Judge stooped down
And wrote in the sand
Then He stood up and addressed the men
Who is without sin, cast the first stone
He stooped down again and continued writing in the sand
Then the men started leaving one by one
With faces filled with shame they quietly left
Dogs with their tails between their legs
What did He write?
I wanted to know
Oh! The secret's out
He knows their hidden works
That what they accused her of
Was part of a plot
They too were guilty of
And many other things that they couldn't stand to read
As He stooped there recording their evil deeds
He stood up and saw they were all gone
Where are your accusers?
Has no man condemned you?
She said, no man Lord
Neither do I
Go and sin no more
For the first time in a long while
She felt like a human being
Isn't this Mary Magdalene?
She glorified God's name
As she walked away
From shame.

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Celebrate a new day starting at sunset

Celebrate a new month at new moon

Celebrate a new year starting in spring

Celebrate time as it was in the beginning.

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  • Despised and Rejected4:07

Documenting the times through poetry and music.


Who will believe this report?
To all whom it is revealed
Will know and not just believe.

Despised and rejected of men
Rejected of men
All we like sheep gone astray
Sheep gone astray.

He had no form or comeliness that we should desire Him
A Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief
He was proclaimed a disturber of public peace
The humblest of humbles yet the greatest of greats
But we neglected and rejected Him
Because He wore no stately garbs He could not be our King
Too soul-searching the hypocrites found Him
Their true personalities they hated Him knowing
He was sent into this world by our Father
Sent to be our Saviour
Still He was despised and rejected of men.
Child of our own flesh yet Spirit of the great Creator
Sent to link us nearer to our common Father
The Son of God forever being sought by the classes
Who always choose to hold down the masses
He was oppressed and afflicted
Imprisoned and sentenced
But as a Lamb to the slaughter He kept silence
Yielding Himself as the true Sacrifice
And just like a barbarous criminal the wicked cut Him off
Thinking they could put the Son of God to naught
But as it was foretold He rose to life everlasting
King of Righteousness, King of Peace
Had done no violence or deceit
Still He was despised and rejected of men.



She sits atop mountains

Goblet in hand

Proposing a toast to all nations

And they raise their glasses and agree

To meet with her

The first day of the week

But three angels warn of her demise

Messages they bring to all mankind


Do not drink of the cup in her hand

Drunken, she's drunk

And has blood on her hands

The One who made heaven, earth and sea

Already appointed

The seventh day of the week.

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